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Code Name Price Description  
00501 Prem Das
Huichol Cosmology
$18.95 Prem Das explores the Huichol world and vision of the universe. Through two of their myths, the Story of Creation and the Return to the Gods, he describes their peyote ceremony and spiritual history. - 1977 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
00502 Prem Das
The Singing Earth
$11.95 Prem Das explains the function of the ancient Huichol songs and Don Jose, a Huichol shaman, sings them for us. The Huichols feel the songs are the earth singing to herself through the shaman, and the shaman uses them to guide the flow of visions during peyote ceremonies. - 1980 Esalen - One Audiotape
02001 Myerhoff, Barbara
Huichol Journey
$11.95 Huichol Journey - Anthropologist Myerhoff relates the poigniant tale of her meeting and apprenticeship with a Huichol medicine man, which led to her participation in the annual Huichol pilgrimage in search of peyote. - 1975 Esalen - One Audiotape
13501 Bergman, Bob
Peyote and The Native American Church
$11.95 Psychiatrist Bergman went to work for the Indian Health Service on the Navajo Reservation in 1966, where at that time more than 30,000 Navajos were members of the Native American Church. Expecting to find a clinic full of peyote addicts, Bergman found instead a thriving spiritual practice that used peyote as a sacrament. Here he speaks movingly of his personal experience with the NAC. - 1975 Esalen - One Audiotape
13704 Shulgin, Alexander
Chemistry Of Mescaline
$11.95 Shulgin here presents a detailed talk on the chemical structure of alkaloids found in peyote and the associated neural responses of the human brain. Some famility with chemistry is helpful in listening to this presentation. - 1978 San Francisco - One Audiotape
CL001 Smith, Houston and Ruben Snake
One Nation Under God (Book)
$25.95 This book on the struggle of the Native American Church to maintain religious freedom presents personal statements of many church members, as well as descriptions of a ceremonial meeting, Native responses to U. S. legal history, and a tribute to NAC Roadman Reuben Snake, who died before the book was completed. - - One BOOK
CU001 Myerhoff, Barbara
Peyote Hunt: Sacred Journey Of The Huichol (Book)
$13.95 Myerhoff's account of the sacred pilgrimage of the Huichol Indians to their original homeland, with scholarly exposition of the symbols, myths, and rituals that make Huichol life unique and beautiful, presents a rare view into a living tradition. 285 pages. - - One BOOK
GM002 Snake, Ruben
The Legacy of Ruben Snake
$11.95 Reuben Snake, of the Winnebago tribe, was a lifetime member and roadman (ceremonial leader) of the Native American Church. He was an ardent defender of religious rights for Native Americans and was devoted to the revitalization of their cultural identity. Public radio producer Ginger Miles created this program as a tribute to Reuben Snake. - - One Audiotape
KI001 Native American Church
Peyote Road (Video)
$30.95 This documentary film explores thr history of the use of the cactus peyote as a religious sacrament by North America indigenous people. This centuries old way of life has been embroided in controversy. Interviews with experts in the fields of theology, law, medicine, and anthopology are interwoven with the art, music, and philosophy of the Native American Church. 60 min. - - One VIDEO
KI002 Native American Church
Peyote Road (Audio of the Video)
$11.95 One Audiotape
GR002 Rios, Guadalupe De La Cruz
Huichol: Sacred Pilgrimage to Wirikuta (Video)
$45.95 #N/A
WP001 Pinkson, Thomas
Flowers of Wiricuta: A Gringo's Journey to Shamanic Power (Book)
$11.95 Pinkson tells his story of making the ancient spiritual pilgrimage with the Huichols in Mexico. It is the story of a hunter of spiritual visions ... the reader will feel inspired to drink deeply from the well of remembrance, to connect again with the Earth, and to walk in solidarity with our native relatives whose ancient traditions keep the doorway open to Spirit and Mystery. - Ralph Metzner. - - One Audiotape
KI003 Snake, Ruben
Your Humble Servant (Video)
$30.95 In 1991, the widely respected American Indian (Winnebago) political and spiritual leader gave a speech entitled OThe Rebrowning of America,O which offers a calm, confident and insightful look into the history and future of America and the world. This new video presents Mr. SnakeOs talk, as well as interviews with him and with co-workers and relatives. 60 min. - - One VIDEO
11001 Turtle, Billy and Wayne
Peyote Songs
$11.95 Southern Cheyennes Billy and Wayne Turtle sing 32 intertribal peyote songs. Their great-grandparents, Dog Woman and John Turtle, led the meetings for the first chapter of The Native American Church in 1918. Billy Turtle is a roadman (ceremonial leader) in the Church and is highly respected as a medicine man and for his singing. - - One Audiotape