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Zen Buddhism
Code Name Price Description  
01802 Ornstein, Robert
The Psychology Of Meditation
$11.95 Ornstein explains the similarities and differences between various systems of meditation: concentration techniques, opening techniques, and teaching stories. He gives detailed instructions for Zen meditation and for developing the witness within the self. - 1971 Esalen - One Audiotape
02510 Watts, Alan and Maurice Friedman
Beat Zen / Beat Hasidism
$11.95 Zen Buddhist Watts and Hasid Friedman join in an informal exchange of questions and anecdotes, remarking on the Hasidic serving God with the 'evil' urge and Watts's notion of the element of fundamental rascality. - 1967 Esalen - One Audiotape
02701 Anderson, Tenshin Reb
$11.95 A talk on the Heart of Wisdom Sutra: form, limitation & freedom. - 1980 Esalen - One Audiotape
02702 Anderson, Tenshin Reb
Basic Points Of Buddhist Meditation
$18.95 1984 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
05105 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Three Ways On The Spiritual Path
$11.95 In the 1960s, three centers were founded at Big Sur: Esalen Institute; The Hermitage, a Benedictine monastery; and Tassajara, a Zen monastery. Br. David has lived, and is at home, in all three. He speaks to us of how each of these serves the spiritual quest, the life journey towards greater and greater, deeper and deeper, fuller and fuller aliveness. - 1990 Esalen - One Audiotape
10001 Suzuki Roshi, Shunryu
Teaching and Practices of Zen
$18.95 Suzuki-roshi places the emphasis of Zen on the practice of meditation, through which one can experience the truths of Buddhism in everyday life. Meditation is an attitude of quietness and receptivity, the finding of a still point from which one can observe the activity of the mind. - 1968 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
13001 Trungpa Rinpoche, Chogyam
Richness and Poverty
$11.95 Spirituality is something applicable to everyday life, says Trungpa, applying the metaphor of richness and poverty to the process of spiritual seeking. - 1970 Esalen - One Audiotape
31007 Schachter, Rabbi Zalman and Glassman Roshi
Torah and Dharma
$56.95 Glassman-roshi, a widely respected Zen teacher, joins Rabbi Schachter in a wide-ranging and incisive discussion of spiritual practice in terms of Jewish origins and modern America, reflecting on commonalities and conflicts between Judaism and Buddhism. - 1994 Accord, Ny - Six Audiotapes
32703 Anderson, Tenshin Reb
Readiness - I Am Thus, You Are Thus Too
$11.95 In these frequently playful talks, Anderson draws from literary and philosophical sources as well as from Zen tradition to address questions of identity and self, how to prepare for any situation with readiness, and living gracefully with the unresolvable quandaries that abound in this life. - 1989 Tassajara - One Audiotape
32704 Anderson, Tenshin Reb
Walk Around Budda
$11.95 Anderson explores some of the myriad practices that serve as supports for the central ineffable practice, which is to be awake. These practices emphasize the qualities of the Bodhisattvas - enlightenment workers - who work to respond appropriately to whatever people need ... teach appropriately and benefit beings appropriately, according to the ideal of dissolving suffering in the world. - 1989 Green Gulch - One Audiotape
AL008 Suzuki Roshi, Shunryu
Zen Mind - Beginners Mind (Book-on-Tape)
$18.95 This inspiring work ranks with the great Zen classics, in a voice and language completely adapted to contemporary sensibilities. Suzuki's words breathe with the joy and simplicity that make a liberated life possible. Read by Peter Coyote. - - Two Audiotapes
JN010 Watts, Alan
Zen: The Eternal Now
$13.95 The differentiation between you and the universe is completely unreal ... the dread of death and attachment to life is completely unnecessary. In this engaging interview, Watts elaborates on the difference between religion and Zen, emphasizing that The basic principle of Zen is the transformation of consciousness. - 1973 London - One Audiotape