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02504 Watts, Alan
Ecumenical Liturgy
$11.95 Watts explores ecumenical liturgy combining fundamental elements of the great world religions. In this presentation before a church audience, he also includes Buddhist and pre-Christian chanting and a sermon entitled "Joy to the World." - Esalen - One Audiotape
02505 Watts, Alan
Whose Is The Kingdom, Power and The Glory
$26.95 In this discourse, Watts addresses the very roots of metaphysics or the nature of being. He speaks of how our thinking is profoundly shaped by our religious and linguistic traditions and, in turn, what you think has fantastic power over what actually happens. - 1968 Esalen - Three Audiotapes
03302 Griffiths, Fr. Bede
Christian Doctrine Of New Creation
$11.95 Fr. Bede's topic is the New Creation in the thought of St. Paul and how that concept can be seen in the light of developments in modern physics, evolutionary theory, and Eastern philosophy - 1982 Bombay - One Audiotape
03303 Griffiths, Fr. Bede
Hindu and Christian Experience Of God
$18.95 What happens when we get beyond the ego, beyond the sense experience? What is the ultimate reality and how do we experience that? Fr. Bede discusses these and other questions from both Hindu and Christian perspectives. - 1983 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
03304 Griffiths, Fr. Bede
Convergence Of Religions
$18.95 Fr. Bede addresses, in Hindu and Christian contexts, the vital issue of what this world of the spirit is in terms of physical, psychic, and spiritual inheritance. He discusses how each religious tradition has its own understanding of how creation converges on humanity. - 1983 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
03305 Griffiths, Fr. Bede
Return To The Center
$36.95 Fr. Bede's theme throughout these four tapes is how the whole creation of humanity comes together into unity. He describes new age thought as significant for the way in which science in the West began to open itself to transcendent reality and meet with Eastern mysticism. He reflects on the personal god, reincarnation, and ways of opening one's self to the divine spirit and reaching transformation. - 1983 Ojai, Ca - Four Audiotapes
04501 Pike, Bishop
Christ As Revolutionary Figure
$11.95 Bishop Pike takes a fresh look at Palestine before and after Christ and finds considerable evidence for the thesis that Christ was a leader of revolution in a time in history with remarkable similarities to the present. This is a scholarly look at that era by a revolutionary man of the church. - 1969 Esalen - One Audiotape
04502 Pike, Bishop
A New Look At Christian Origins
$11.95 Bishop Pike examins the discoveries and research since the Dead Sea Scrolls, leading to new interpretations of events surrounding the birth of Christianity. He reassesses the historical Jesus, the role of his brother and family, and the influence of Paul. - 1971 Esalen - One Audiotape
05101 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Overview Of Christian Myths
$18.95 Myth can present truths and insights into the human condition that are so weighty they must be expressed in poetic terms because no other language is strong enough. Brother David gives an overview of the way in which Christian tradition and mythology speak about the divine life of mystical experience. - 1984 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
05103 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Approaches To Christian Mysticism
$56.95 Awareness of Eastern mysticism makes many people curious about the mystical tradition in the West. Can one find meaning in it today? Br. David has spent more than 30 years in both Eastern and Western monasteries exploring the roots of mysticism. In this Esalen workshop, he helps participants search for these roots in their own life experiences. - 1987 Esalen - Six Audiotapes
05105 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Three Ways On The Spiritual Path
$11.95 In the 1960s, three centers were founded at Big Sur: Esalen Institute; The Hermitage, a Benedictine monastery; and Tassajara, a Zen monastery. Br. David has lived, and is at home, in all three. He speaks to us of how each of these serves the spiritual quest, the life journey towards greater and greater, deeper and deeper, fuller and fuller aliveness. - 1990 Esalen - One Audiotape
05108 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
$11.95 Spirit means aliveness, life-breath, life-force .... According to Br. David, flesh, the traditional opposite of spirit, has often been misinterpreted as body, when in fact the true meaning of flesh is deadness, decay, the corpse after the life-breath has gone out. When we are truly alive, we can experience spiritual bliss in our bodies - All the mystics, when they talk about their highest encounter with the spirit ... use the language of sexual intercourse ... The two are one. - 1990 Esalen - One Audiotape
05109 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Living In The Now
$36.95 Prayer is an attitude - simply dancing with everything that's dancing. That which is most alive in us comes through when we allow the child in us to play - Brother David sees a correspondence between play and pray - they are qualities of attention. The child, the monk and the poet all share this attitude, and within each of us is the potential to be all three. This workshop explores the question, How do we find the child in us, and looks at practical ways of freeing and feeding the child. Life-serious is far more serious than dead-serious - and that is playfulness. - 1988 Esalen - Four Audiotapes
12501 Ravenscroft, Trevor
Spear Of Destiny
$11.95 Sharing many parallels with legends of the Holy Grail, the spear used by a Roman soldier at Christ's crucifixion became the focus of a long succession of legends, as a symbol of worldly authority and destiny, for good or for evil. Ravenscroft traces the mythic history of the Spear of Destiny through Roman times into the Middle Ages, when it disappears from sight, through its re-emergence in the 20th Century in conjunction with Hitler's rise to power - 1978 Esalen - One Audiotape
40020 Hoeller, Stephan
Sufis, Kabbalist and Mystics
$11.95 Mystics of all religions tend to recognize an innate capacity for insight that all humans share. In the 11th and 12th Centuries, Spain provided fertile ground for mystics of Jewish, Islamic and Christian comunities to develop systems that shared many concepts and methods. Hoeller discusses how creative imagination, longing for God, polarity between mercy and justice, and other mystical idesa have been expressed by all three systems. - 1995 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40022 Hoeller, Stephan
Angels - Messengers Of The Future
$11.95 How much does an experience with angels depend on the experience? This talk examins the history and mythology associated with angel visitations, emphasizing how we respond to the experience - what it can mean personally in our lives, whether er can see we are not in charge, how to recognize sngels as messengers between the Devine and the human. - 1991 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40023 Hoeller, Stephan
Magic and Mystery Of Angles
$11.95 Hoeller considers reacquainting ourselves with archetypes from our culture, such as angel myths, a vitally important step in assimilating new experiences. As our culture becomes more complex and specialized, a "crisis of fragmentation of life in general" makes us increasingly susceptible to something in the character of magic, and we should know how to respond. - 1991 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
AG009 Kornfield, Jack
The Joys Of Monastic Life
$36.95 Kornfield moderates as Achaan Sumedho and Sister Sundara from Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in England, Benedictine monk Brother David Stiendl-Rast, Tibetan Abbess Ani Pema Chodron, and Trappest nun Sister Columba reflect on their personal spiritual life and monastic experience. They speak of the joys and challenges of the holy life and the heartfulness which is developed over many years of daily spiritual practice. - - Four Audiotapes
AL012 Merton, Thomas
The Seven Story Mountain (Book-on-Tape)
$18.95 The autobiography of Thomas Merton, whose presence in the world touched millions, and whose words and thoughts continue to have a profound impact today. An extraordinary spiritual testament. Read by Sidney Lanier. - 1968 Gethsemani, Ky - Two Audiotapes
CR001 Merton, Thomas
The Mystical Life
$11.95 A deeply insightful, at times startling talk on spiritual practice as a way of life, which speaks directly to the difficulties and joys of discovery and awakening understanding. - 1968 Gethsemani, Ky - One Audiotape
CR002 Merton, Thomas
Awaking The Heart
$11.95 Merton approaches knowing as something that must reach beyond intellectual knowledge to deep recognition from the heart. Here he presents ways of approching meditation and prayer to help us enact this kind of knowing. - 1968 Gethsemani, Ky - One Audiotape
CR004 Rohr, Richard
Spirituality and Sexuality
$26.95 Spirituality and sexuality are two ways to name the same reality - one coming through materiality and one coming through what we call soul or spirit.... They're both, in the ideal sense, aiming for the transcendent - aiming for otherness, for movement beyond the self, to the mystery. Originally presented in the context of a Christian retreat, these talks are highly engaging and thought-provoking, deeply relevant to any serious student of life. - - Three Audiotapes
CR005 Merton, Thomas
Love Is Enough
$11.95 Only by reaching freedom from the compulsions of fear and desire, says Merton, can we really love - but when we finally free ourselves, the depth of that love becomes obvious - 1968 Gethsemani, Ky - One Audiotape
CR006 Merton, Thomas
The Door of Paradise
$11.95 In describing the life of prayer, Merton says, Some of the sweetness of the trees and flowers of Paradise comes into our lives. This somewhat technical talk on the theology of ancient Christian mystics always returns to Merton's emphasis on deepening spiritual connection through contemplation. - 1968 Gethsemani, Ky - One Audiotape
CR007 Merton, Thomas
Poetry, The Angelic Realm
$11.95 The realm in which the poet moves is the angelic realm ... the world of spirits in complete harmony with matter ... and material creation depends on the presence of these spirits. Using examples from Blake, Auden and other poets, Merton shows how poetic expression achieves the unity between material and spiritual realms that many traditions ascribe to the role of angels. - 1968 Gethsemani, Ky - One Audiotape
CR010 Merton, Thomas
Surrender To God
$11.95 In this brilliant talk on humility, Merton emphasizes the importance of giving up self-centeredness to try living a life of open surrender. - 1969 Gethsemani, Ky - One Audiotape
CR011 Merton, Thomas
The Irish Tradition of Mysticism
$11.95 Merton describes how the Irish interpreted monastic contemplation in terms of exile, pilgrimage, and martydom. He brings a contemporary dimension to his discussion by commenting on the death of Martin Luther King. - 1969 Gethsemani, Ky - One Audiotape
FR001 Merton, Thomas
Thomas Merton Film Biography (Video)
$30.95 This critically acclaimed film examines Merton's life and work through insightful interviews with those who knew him, including the Dalai Lama, poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Nicaragua's Minister of Culture Ernesto Cardenal, musician Joan Baez, monks he lived with and friends with whom he shared his deepest emotions. Interwoven are passages from Merton's writing and scenes from significant places of his life. 57 min. - - One VIDEO
PM002 Griffiths, Fr. Bede
Human Search - The Life Of Fr. Bebe Griffiths (Video)
$30.95 This film tells the story of Fr. Bede - a person of exceptional learning, profound spiritual realization, and deep joy and humor - and his passage through a rigorous Oxford education to creating an ashram in southern India, where he spent his last 37 years. A Benedictine monk living as a Hindu holy man, Fr. Bede shares with us the deeply moving mystical experiences that animated his spiritual journey. 59 min - - One VIDEO
PM003 Griffiths, Fr. Bede
Discover The Feminium (Video)
$30.95 After a nearly fatal stroke, Griffiths discusses with humor and humility how he came to a new understanding of the importance of the Feminine in all aspects of life. 32 min. - - One VIDEO