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Buddhism General
Code Name Price Description  
02401 Smith, Huston
No Wasted Journey
$11.95 Smith tells the story of his personal journeys. He describes his experiences in India with yogis who have supernatural powers, the discipline of Zen masters in Japan, and the unique chanting of Tibetan monks. - 1968 Esalen - One Audiotape
02403 Smith, Huston
Asian and Western Philosophy
$26.95 "In Asia, whenever discussions of the spiritual quest becomes serious, two questions come out: `Who is your teacher?' and `What is your practice?'" In a talk based on these questions, Smith provides personal, concrete details about Zen, Yoga, Hinduism and Tantra, and how these relate to Western experience. - 1971 Esalen - Three Audiotapes
02504 Watts, Alan
Ecumenical Liturgy
$11.95 Watts explores ecumenical liturgy combining fundamental elements of the great world religions. In this presentation before a church audience, he also includes Buddhist and pre-Christian chanting and a sermon entitled "Joy to the World." - Esalen - One Audiotape
02903 Blofeld, John
Exploring Chinese Philosophy
$56.95 In his introduction to this presentation, Al Huang says he rediscovered his heritage in Blofeld. Blofeld describes his great love of China; his writing reflects what he saw during his many years there. In this rich series, Blofeld explores Chinese, Buddhist, and related Eastern philosophies, with Al Huang participating in the discussions. - 1978 San Rafael, Ca - Six Audiuotapes
03601 Kornfield, Jack
The Smile Of The Buddha
$11.95 How does one sort through all the practices to find one for oneself? Kornfield speaks of the scope and principles of practice, with personal insights and anecdotes. He tells us that everything in one's life can be used as an opportunity to awaken. - 1982 Bombay - One Audiotape
03602 Kornfield, Jack
Simplicity Of Spiritual Practice
$11.95 How does one sort through all the practices to find one for oneself? Kornfield speaks of the scope and principles of practice, with personal insights and anecdotes. He tells us that everything in one`s life can be used as an opportunity to awaken. - 1982 Esalen - One Audiotape
03603 Kornfield, Jack
The Sword Of Wisdom
$11.95 Kornfield looks at the question of reality from a Buddhist point of view, and examines the many ways we can view reality. - 1979 Boston - One Audiotape
03604 Kornfield, Jack
Buddhism: His Personal Story
$11.95 Achaan Chah, one of Kornfield's teachers, spoke of two kinds of suffering: the kind that keeps going around and around, and the kind that leads to liberation, the end of suffering - That's hopefully the kind that we practice here, says Kornfield in describing his formative experiences with Buddhist practice. - 1983 Esalen - One Audiotape
05204 Tart, Charles
Mindlessness and Mindfullness
$11.95 Tart discusses antidotes to mindlessness and the consensus trance of ordinary consciousness, drawing from Gurdjieff's Self-Remembering practice and Buddhist methods of developing concentration and insight. - 1988 Santa Rosa, Ca - One Audiotape
08801 Spiegelberg, Frederic
India and The Saints
$18.95 Spiegelberg traveled to ashrams and monasteries in India, Tibet, Siam, Ceylon, China, and Japan. He speaks vividly of those personal experiences with 20th Century saints and sages. - 1964 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
32001 Nydahl, Ole
Autobahn Guru (Interviewed By Elizabeth Gips)
$11.95 Nydahl, a Danish teacher of Buddhism who has established meditation centers all over Europe, speaks eloquently about ways to remove fear and negativity by replanting positive thoughts until the mind becomes spacious and clear, "On the acsolute level, beyond the personal, everything is perfect - the free play of mind." - 1991 Santa Cruz - One Audiotape
32002 Fields, Rick
How The Swans Came To America (Interviewed By Elizabeth Gips)
$11.95 Fields talks about his book How the Swans Came to America, which covers 2500 years of Buddhist history, and The Guide: Discovering Spirituality in Everyday Life. Fields considers the Beat writers influential in the blossoming of America Buddhism, and points out that most of the Japanese teachers who came to America were revolutionary Buddhists. - 1982 Santa Cruz - One Audiotape
AG009 Kornfield, Jack
The Joys Of Monastic Life
$36.95 Kornfield moderates as Achaan Sumedho and Sister Sundara from Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in England, Benedictine monk Brother David Stiendl-Rast, Tibetan Abbess Ani Pema Chodron, and Trappest nun Sister Columba reflect on their personal spiritual life and monastic experience. They speak of the joys and challenges of the holy life and the heartfulness which is developed over many years of daily spiritual practice. - - Four Audiotapes