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Humanistic Psychology
Code Name Price Description  
01001 Houston, Jean
The Possible Human
$18.95 Houston shares the personal story of her childhood experience of the joy that spins the universe that shaped her life and work. She explains that all is resonance - we can become conscious participants in this resonance and expand our capacities. - 1979 New York City - One Audiotape
01101 Huxley, Aldous
Human Potentialities
$11.95 Using the illustration that we use only 10% of our brains, Huxley points out that we have the potential to get much more out of ourselves without changing biologically. He discusses how we can actualize our potential in an age that lacks spontaneity, inspiration and virtuosity, where the field of choice is infinite. (Titled Latent Human Potentialities in 1959.) - 1961 Cambridge - One Audiotape
01120 Huxley, Aldous
Latent Human Potentiality
$11.95 Using the illustration that we use only 10% of our brains, Huxley points out that we have the potential to get much more out of ourselves without changing biologically. He discusses how we can actualize our potential in an age that lacks spontaneity, inspiration and virtuosit - where the field of choice is infinite. - 1959 Santa Barbara - One Audiotape
01401 Maslow, Abraham
$11.95 Maslow defines self-actualization as living on the sacred level in everyday life without denying the bodily life. He also explores the biological roots of the spiritual life. - 1966 Esalen - One Audiotape
01403 Maslow, Abraham
Farther Reaches Of Human Nature
$18.95 Maslow speaks from the perspective of the 1960s where he sees a general revolution in every area of human life, like a tree where the apples ripen all at once. This talk contains the seeds of his vision, as elaborated in the book, Farther Reaches of Human Nature. - 1967 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
01404 Maslow, Abraham
The Eupsychian Ethic
$56.95 Maslow, in discussion with workshop participants, makes an effort to critique the work of organizations like Esalen and to make explicit the implicit philosophy behind them. He discusses ways in which the benefits, including peak experiences, can be carried over into other learning situations and everyday life. - 1969 Esalen - Six Audiotapes
01405 May, Rollo
Recollections Of Abraham Maslow
$11.95 Rollo May, Denis O`Donovan and Anthony Sutich speak movingly of their friend Maslow (1908-1970) and the influence he had on their personal lives and work as well as on psychology and the broader human potential movement. - 1971 Esalen - One Audiotape
01406 Maslow, Abraham
Informal Weekend
$36.95 Education should help people toward being world citizens, says Maslow, in these passionate talks and dialogues about what it means to be fully human, about self-actualizing people, mystical and peak experiences, friendship and intimacy, education, and other pertinent issues of his life's work. - 1966 Esalen - Four Audiotapes
02201 Rogers, Carl
My Philosophy and How It Grew
$11.95 Rogers discusses the personal relationships in his life that led him to develop a new model of psychotherapy. - 1972 Hawaii - One Audiotape
02202 Rogers, Carl
Person Of Tomorrow
$11.95 Rogers discusses what was happening culturally in 1970, some of the necessary changes he saw were needed, and the new man he saw emerging. - 1970 Esalen - One Audiotape
02203 Rogers, Carl
The Intensive Group
$11.95 The develper of "Rogerian Psychology" describes the history and development of the encounter group method and the role of intensive group work in therapy. - 1966 Esalen - One Audiotape
02204 Rogers, Carl and Gregory Bateson
Carl Rogers and Gregory Bateson - A Dialogue
$11.95 These two great contributors to our understanding of thinking, feeling, and behaving engage in a spirited dialogue, clashing on some points, agreeing on others, mainly around the issue of learning. - 1975 Kentfield, Ca - One Audiotape
04003 May, Rollo
Creativity And The Daimonic
$18.95 In psychotherapy and the creative process, May considers it necessary to confront and wrestle with the daimonic. He defines the daimonic as any natural function which has the power of taking over the personality - sex and eros, anger and rage, and the craving of power - and discusses the curious phenomenon that a creative person always lives with, and produces partly by virtue of the daimonic. - 1968 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
04004 May, Rollo
Dimensions Of Consciousness
$36.95 We live in a culture afraid of creativity, often demanding security and predictability instead of fully entering the richness and depth of human consciousness. In this set of lectures, philosopher and psychologist May plumbs those depths, describing creativity and phenomenology as bridges between the natural world and our personal experience, and myth as the language of the unconscious. - 1966 Esalen - Four Audiotapes
04005 May, Rollo
Will, Wish and Intentionality
$36.95 May examines human psychology and motivation in terms of individual responsibility for our actions. The Victorian belief that our rational minds are sufficient to lead us through the world dissolved after Freud, but has often been replaced by a sense that we are powerless, passive products of our world rather than active participants. The critical issue now is to re-discover the experience of personal significance in our lives. - 1965 Esalen - Four Audiotapes
04901 Schutz, Will
Principals, Philosophy and Rules Of Encounter
$18.95 Schutz gives an historical overview of the encounter movement, the philosophy behind it, and the general guidelines for running encounter groups - 1970 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
10106 Rudhyar, Dana
Humanistic Astrology
$11.95 It's remarkable how we pass life doing things without asking what the things we are doing are for ... we have, very often, little understanding of why we want to do them. Rudhyar addresses some of these basic questions about humanistic astrology. An excellent introduction to the topic. - 1970S - One Audiotape
10109 Rudhyar, Dana
Astrology and The Consciousness Movement
$18.95 An in-depth examination of the place astrology has occupied in the broader human potential and consciousness movements, and a look at what the future of these might be. - 1970S - Two Audiotapes
JN004 Maslow, Abraham
Criteria For Judging
$11.95 There is embedded in most discussions of instinctoid needs the belief that our most primitive impulses are only greedy or evil, selfish or destructive: this is innaccurate. Maslow argues that neglecting these impulses causes psychological illness. - 1963 Washington, Dc - One Audiotape
JN007 Skinner, B. F. and Carl Rodgers
Carl Rogers and B. F. Skinner - A Dialogue
$56.95 In this fascinating and historic debate between prominent advocates of opposing postitions, Skinner argues we are controlled by external conditions, and must focus our attention on how we decide to control behavior. Rogers counters that, though external forces shape us, humanness cannot be reduced to behavior - we ultimately have the freedom and responsibility to choose our own way. - 1962 Duluth, Mn - Six Audiotapes
JT002 Murphy, Michael and George Leonard
The Life We Are Given (Book)
$15.95 Leonard with Murphy, co-founder of Esalen, present a"growing body of evidence that modes of sensing exist that are generally not acknowledged in our culture. We believe that our capacities in areas ranging from what we term normal to what we term metanormal are vastly greater than commonly assumed, and that by cultivating them we can enrich our lives." - - One BOOK