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The 60s
Code Name Price Description  
00903 Harman, Willis
Origins Of Psychedelics
$11.95 touches down in Switzerland, where Rudolf Steiner's community wanted to reclaim the wisdom of the ages and in the 1 Harman takes us on a detailed and entertaining journey through the early history of psychedelic drug research. He 930s searched for substances such as those used by indigenous peoples throughout the world; in Canada, where in the 1940s Hoffer and Osmond approached the treatment of alcoholics by using mind-revealing chemicals; and in the United States, where Harman helped establish the short-lived Institute for Psychedelic Research. - 1977 Palo Alto, Ca - One Audiotape
01301 Leary, Tim
Power Of Imprinting
$18.95 Leary discusses the vast impack imprinting has on the way we perceive and live our lives. He takes us through the evolution of man from his origins in the sea to contemporary times - 1982 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
01302 Leary, Tim
American Culture 1945-1985
$11.95 Leary, who says he "never wanted credibility but is more concerned with incredibility," talks of change and a hopeful outlook after eight years of living in a cocoon, the Nixon presidency. His optimism stems from his perception that the intelligent men and women social changers of the 1960s have taken over positions of responsibility in the 1970s. He expounds on the three Ms of evolution - mutation, metamorphosis, and migration - and his views on space migration and life extention. - 1977 Kentfield, Ca - One Audiotape
01403 Maslow, Abraham
Farther Reaches Of Human Nature
$18.95 Maslow speaks from the perspective of the 1960s where he sees a general revolution in every area of human life, like a tree where the apples ripen all at once. This talk contains the seeds of his vision, as elaborated in the book, Farther Reaches of Human Nature. - 1967 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
01404 Maslow, Abraham
The Eupsychian Ethic
$56.95 Maslow, in discussion with workshop participants, makes an effort to critique the work of organizations like Esalen and to make explicit the implicit philosophy behind them. He discusses ways in which the benefits, including peak experiences, can be carried over into other learning situations and everyday life. - 1969 Esalen - Six Audiotapes
03701 Krippner, Stanley
Communes, Telepathy and Dreams
$11.95 Krippner discusses his labortory research of telepathic communication in dreams, and in his research on communes, where he found an unusually high occurance of paranormal phenomema where there was group intimacy and communal rites. - 1971 Uc Davis - One Audiotape
03801 Leonard, George
Steps Towards Utopia
$11.95 Leonard outlines the exciting innovations in education, psychology and science which could lead towards utopia. - 1966 Esalen - One Audiotape
07202 Murphy, Michael
Survey of the Human Growth Movement
$11.95 Murphy reviews the work that was being done at Esalen and simular centers in the country in 1967. This historically valuable talk is useful in measuring how far we have come in the evolution of the human growth movement. - 1987 Esalen - One Audiotape
07301 Osmond, Humphrey
Early Psychedelic History
$11.95 Osmond, who coined the word psychedelic, traces the early history of the use of psychedelics through his own role in that history. Part of that story includes his introducing Aldous Huxley to mescaline. - 1976 Esalen - One Audiotape
EP001 Miller, Henry
Big Sur: The Way It Was (Video)
$25.95 Henry Miller, a colorful and dominant figure in Big Sur`s history, provides his wit and dynamic presence in his on-screen interview and narration of this film. Filmed in the 1960`s, this documentary presents beautiful cinematography of the spectacular Big Sur Coast and a light, entertaining view of the early history of Esalen and the famous California art colony at Bid Sur, which became a mecca for artist, writers, and hippies attracted by the area's independent spirit. Produced by Robert Blaisdess. Narrated by Henry Miller and Douglas McClure. 60 min. - - One VIDEO