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01105 Huxley, Aldous
The Individual And History
$11.95 The profound differences between laws governing the individual and those governing society call into question the extent to which an individual can actually experience the history that surrounds his or her life. (Titled The Individual Life of Man in 1959) - 1961 Cambridge - One Audiotape
01109 Huxley, Aldous
Population Explosion
$11.95 1959 Santa Barbara - One Audiotape
01110 Huxley, Aldous
How Original Is Original Sin
$11.95 Huxley asks, How do we make the best of the social drive toward conformity, while simultaneously safeguarding the principle that the individual soul is of unique and infinite value? - 1959 Santa Barbara - One Audiotape
01111 Huxley, Aldous
War and Nationalism
$11.95 Huxley contends that, biologically speaking, war is a very rare phenomenon. He likens nation-states to a disastrous, divisive kind of religion, which places value on fragmentary parts of the human totality and condemns humans to chronic strife with our neighbors. - 1959 Santa Barbara - One Audiotape
01112 Huxley, Aldous
The World's Future
$11.95 Huxley talks about how the idea of progress is a modern construction, and that we are on the threshold of making crucial decisions about the direction we actually go. - 1959 Santa Barbara - One Audiotape
01113 Huxley, Aldous
Individual Life Of Man
$11.95 The profound differences between laws governing the individual and those governing society call into question the extent to which an individual can actually experience the history that surroun - 1959 Santa Barbara - One Audiotape
01114 Huxley, Aldous
Problem Of Human Nature
$11.95 Huxley traces how cultural frames of reference have shifted through the ages, even though the fundamental experiences they address have remained the same. - 1959 Santa Barbara - One Audiotape
01301 Leary, Tim
Power Of Imprinting
$18.95 Leary discusses the vast impack imprinting has on the way we perceive and live our lives. He takes us through the evolution of man from his origins in the sea to contemporary times - 1982 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
01302 Leary, Tim
American Culture 1945-1985
$11.95 Leary, who says he "never wanted credibility but is more concerned with incredibility," talks of change and a hopeful outlook after eight years of living in a cocoon, the Nixon presidency. His optimism stems from his perception that the intelligent men and women social changers of the 1960s have taken over positions of responsibility in the 1970s. He expounds on the three Ms of evolution - mutation, metamorphosis, and migration - and his views on space migration and life extention. - 1977 Kentfield, Ca - One Audiotape
02601 Weil, Andrew
Psychoactive Drugs Through Human History
$11.95 Weil feels there are neither good drugs nor bad drugs, only drugs that are used wisely or unwisely. He defines drug abuse as the use of any substance, legal or not, in such a way that it seriously threatenes a person`s health or their social or economic functioning. - 1983 Santa Barbara, Ca - One Audiotape
02603 Weil, Andrew
Use and Abuse Of Beneficial Plants
$18.95 In this talk, Weil talks of the relationship that people form with plants for food, medicine and recreation. - 1982 Santa Cruz, Ca - Two Audiotapes
02801 Bateson, Gregory
Cultural Relativity and Belief Systems
$11.95 Bateson relates value systems to cultural function and discusses the role of logic in belief systems. - 1976 Esalen - One Audiotape
02808 Bateson, Gregory
Civilization and Addiction
$18.95 Bateson analyzes the nature of addiction - individual, cultural, and international - touching on alcoholism, overeating, arms races, entertainment, atomic energy, and schizophrenic voices. In discussing the relationship between addiction and growth, he examines our various escapes both into and out of addiction. - 1979 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
02810 Bateson, Gregory
It Used To Matter
$11.95 Referring to Accidie, the medieval devil representing sloth that arises from hopelessness, Bateson contrasts modern-day society to the 19th Century, particularly in relation to the lustiness or enthusiasm of the 19th Century and its activities. - 1980 Esalen - One Audiotape
12401 Thompson, William Irwin
Evolution Of Human Culture
$11.95 A fascinating talk about cultural evolution as an archetypal process in which three critical transformations - hominization, agriculture, and writing - have been initiated by the feminine. - Esalen - One Audiotape
34202 Naranjo, Claudio
Enneagram Of Patriarchal Society
$18.95 Naranjo, who introduced the enneagram to North America in 1971, gives a brilliant, personable address that examines the anatomy of the partriarchal society we live in according to the map provided by the enneagram. It's easy to discern that social problems are reverberations of individual problems, says Naranjo, describing how social pathologies arise from underlying structures of interdependent disturbances. - 1995 Berkeley - Two Audiotapes