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02402 Smith, Huston
The Nature Of Reality
$11.95 Science forces much that is basic to human life, purpose and direction into the realm of dream and illusion by calling it merely subjective. - 1979 Boston - One Audiotape
02403 Smith, Huston
Asian and Western Philosophy
$26.95 "In Asia, whenever discussions of the spiritual quest becomes serious, two questions come out: `Who is your teacher?' and `What is your practice?'" In a talk based on these questions, Smith provides personal, concrete details about Zen, Yoga, Hinduism and Tantra, and how these relate to Western experience. - 1971 Esalen - Three Audiotapes
02503 Watts, Alan
Alan Watts (Interviewed By Michael Murphy)
$11.95 An informal conversation on Watts' houseboat in Sausalito discussing many topics including concentration, technology, nature, and materialism, with Watts drawing in many rather provocative perspectives. - 1964 Sausalito, Ca - One Audiotape
02807 Bateson, Gregory
What Is Epistemology?
$11.95 Epistemology, the branch of philosophy concerned with how people think they know things and how people know things, prompts Bateson's observation that Everybody obviously has an epistemology or they couldn't know anything, and those who say they don't have an epistemology have a lousy one. He extends the conventional notion of epistemology into other concepts, including the relationship between aesthetics and biological epistemology. - 1979 Esalen - One Audiotape
02812 Bateson, Gregory
Neither Mechanical Nor Supernaturl
$11.95 Observing that everyone has an epistemology, however inarticulate or muddled, that guides their thoughts and actions, Bateson demonstrates how evolutionary theory is a theory of epistemology - of relations between mind and body, of how you can know, and of the problem of the nature of design and purpose. - 1980 Esalen - One Audiotape
02813 Bateson, Gregory
It Takes Two To Know One
$18.95 Bateson initiates a discussion of change and of the classification of change processes. He ranges widely over such subjects as the meta-dialectic, which grows up when one's epistemology is out of kilter with that of the biosphere; problems of learning; poor epistemological habits; and the relation between deduction and heresy. - 1980 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
02903 Blofeld, John
Exploring Chinese Philosophy
$56.95 In his introduction to this presentation, Al Huang says he rediscovered his heritage in Blofeld. Blofeld describes his great love of China; his writing reflects what he saw during his many years there. In this rich series, Blofeld explores Chinese, Buddhist, and related Eastern philosophies, with Al Huang participating in the discussions. - 1978 San Rafael, Ca - Six Audiuotapes
03302 Griffiths, Fr. Bede
Christian Doctrine Of New Creation
$11.95 Fr. Bede's topic is the New Creation in the thought of St. Paul and how that concept can be seen in the light of developments in modern physics, evolutionary theory, and Eastern philosophy - 1982 Bombay - One Audiotape
05401 Van Dusen, Wilson
Interviewed By Michael Murphy
$18.95 In this informal interview, Van Dusen and Murphy discuss the nature of schizophrenic hallucintions and many other philosophical issues. - 1963 Mendicino, Ca - Two Audiotapes
13201 Huang, Al
Watercourse Way
$11.95 An introduction to t'ai chi and creative Taoist philosphy, this talk explores the meeting of East and West in terms of everyday living, working towards transforming intellectual understanding into action. - - One BOOK