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10107 Rudhyar, Dana
Music Of The Spheres
$11.95 Music expresses the order and structure of the cosmos, which was dealt with in great detail by Pythagoras. Rudhyar discusses his study of this ancient insight, and his own use of it as a composer. - 1970S - One Audiotape
34204 Naranjo, Claudio
Music, Enneagram Types and Transcendence
$18.95 Multi-talented Naranjo is a classical paianist as well as a psychotherapist and enneagram pioneer. In this presentation he performs excerpts from works of vatrious composers to illustrate the development of their personalities, as defined be the enneagram types. The music eloquently shows us how the composers could and did rise beyond the limits if their particular types. - 1997 Berkeley - Two Audiotapes
10301 El-Sarhan, Adnan Mohammed
Dervish Drum + Chant
$11.95 El-Sarhan demonstrates chanting and drumming as practiced by Dervishes. Not just for casual listening, this tape is intended for those disciplined in high-energy meditation, chant, and dance. - 1970 Esalen - One Audiotape
GR001 Rios, Guadalupe De La Cruz
Huichol Songs and Music
$11.95 Lively ancient Huichol songs and music sung by Rios, with guitar and violin played by her family, and short descriptions of the meaning of each song. - 1990 Mexico - One Audiotape
09601 Rivas, Don Agustin
Ayahuasca Icaros
$11.95 The Icaros are magic songs by which the shaman communicates with the spirits. The healer learns them during ingestion of the plant-teacher; they are sung or played during ayahuasca ceremonies to heal, to defend against evil, to shape the visions, and to call forth helper spirits. - 1989 Amazon - One Audiotape
00502 Prem Das
The Singing Earth
$11.95 Prem Das explains the function of the ancient Huichol songs and Don Jose, a Huichol shaman, sings them for us. The Huichols feel the songs are the earth singing to herself through the shaman, and the shaman uses them to guide the flow of visions during peyote ceremonies. - 1980 Esalen - One Audiotape
11001 Turtle, Billy and Wayne
Peyote Songs
$11.95 Southern Cheyennes Billy and Wayne Turtle sing 32 intertribal peyote songs. Their great-grandparents, Dog Woman and John Turtle, led the meetings for the first chapter of The Native American Church in 1918. Billy Turtle is a roadman (ceremonial leader) in the Church and is highly respected as a medicine man and for his singing. - - One Audiotape
32004 Purce, Jill
Sound and Healing (Interviewed by Elizabeth Gips)
$11.95 Many traditions express the notion that the world is essentially vibratory - before matter solidifies, there is sound. Purce, author of The Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul, has spent many years developing practices that employ sound as a vehicle for transformation, working with composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, Tibetan lamas and chantmasters, as well as sharmans and teachers from many other traditions. Here she demonstrates Tibetan overtone chanting and discusses ways of using sound as a bridge between the secular and sacred. - 1985 Santa Cruz - One Audiotape
32005 Olatunji, Babatunde
Drums Of Passion (Interviewed By Elizabeth Gips)
$11.95 Nigerian Master Drummer Olatunji describes how he arrived in North America in the early 1960s as a Rotary Scholar, intending to become a dipomat. After receiving his Ph.d., he recognized that a life of politics would force him to compromise himself too much, so he vowed to devote his life to music. "We need to do a lot of healing today with music," he says, speaking passionately about the need for people to cultivate their humanity towards each other. "Music energizes our nerves, our heart, everything in us - lifts us to our feet, can bring us peace of mind." - 1993 Santa Cruz - One Audiotape