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01124 Huxley, Aldous
Time Must Have A Stop
$11.95 Huxley reads from what some critics consider his best novel. This chapter describes the passage between life and death of Oncle Eustace, a generous and cynical art lover who does not realize he is dead. Partly inspired by The Tibetan Book of the Dead, the excerpt has a preternatural quality enhanced by the author's reading. - 1949 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
01125 Huxley, Aldous
Stories And Poems
$11.95 Huxley reads from his works: The Dwarfs from Crome Yellow; Sermons in Cats from Music at Night; The Cicadas, Mediterranean, Carpe Noctem, and Midsummer Day, four poems from The Cicadas. - 1959 Santa Barbara - One Audiotape
01126 Huxley, Aldous
Brave New World
$11.95 Huxley narrates this 1956 radio dramatization of an excerpt from his best-known book, Brave New World, with an original score composed and conducted by Bernard Herrmann. - 1959 Santa Barbara - One Audiotape
01128 Huxley, Aldous
Aldous Huxley ( Interviewed By Mike Wallace)
$11.95 1959 Santa Barbara - One Audiotape
01130 Huxley, Aldous and Freida Lawrence
Memories Of D.H. Lawrence
$11.95 One Audiotape
03804 Leonard, George
An Authors Mind In Transformation
$11.95 Leonard, in the process of writing The Transformation, which deals with alternate systems of perceiving and being that he has personally glimpsed, takes us on his journey of thought and inspiration in the writing of this book. - 1971 Esalen - One Audiotape
04301 Nin, Anais
Craft Of Writing
$11.95 Nin speaks about writing as being necessary to our lives. She speaks of the iscussing the art of writing, Nin tells of her inner emotional journey to find a path of her own and reveals the importance of relationships and psychoanalysis in fueling creativity. The author is at work, at play, and talking with colleagues Henry Miller, Frances Steloff, and Martha Graham. 60 min. - 1973 Kentfield, Ca - One Audiotape
04302 Nin, Anais
An Evening With Anais Nin
$11.95 The writer reads from her famous Diary and talks about intimacy, the difficulties our culture presents to self-expression, especially for women, and her process of healing. When she began sharing her writing, Nin found she had created a universal story, mirroring the needs, fears and perceptions of thousands of women. - 1972 Esalen - One Audiotape
04303 Nin, Anais
Art and Spirit
$11.95 One Audiotape
05901 Brown, Malcolm
The Psychological Genius Of D. H. Lawrence
$11.95 Brown conveys Lawrence's penetration, perception and understanding of what it means to be psychologically alive. He talks of the philosophy and application of insight in the life and work of Lawrence as it pertains to sexuality and mature man-woman relationships. - 1971 Esalen - One Audiotape
11302 Bradbury, Ray
Magic Realism
$11.95 Bradbury talks about his own development as a writer, his writing process, influences, and attitudes. An engaging speaker who considers his work "magic realosm", Bradbury continually remarks on the emotional basis of the major decisions in his life. - 1967 Esalen - One Audiotape
40010 Hoeller, Stephan
Carlos Castaneda and The New Sorcery
$11.95 Hoeller calls Castaneda the most important figure in the revival of interest in shamanistic phenomena and in the psychology and spirit of the shaman. He speaks of the differences between truth seekers concerned with abstract truths, and the magical, fluid, illusive, mercurial world of the shaman, who is a transformer. - 1980 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40025 Hoeller, Stephan
Aldous Huxley - Perennial Philosopher
$11.95 One Audiotape
40026 Hoeller, Stephan
Gerald Heard - Guide Of Souls
$11.95 One Audiotape
DC001 Miller, Henry
Asleep and Awake (Video)
$33.95 Filmed when Miller was 81, this documentary captures his vigor, humor, and wisdom. Speaking of the people and ideas that have influenced and interested him, he reveals his thoughts on life, writing, sex, spirituality, nightmares, and New York. 35 min. - - One VIDEO
HA001 Joyce, James
James Joyce Reads
$12.95 The only recording ever made of James Joyce himself reading from Ulysses - the classic novel that forever changed the course of 20th Century literature. Joyce also reads from Finnegan's Wake and Cyril Cusack reads selections of Joyce's poetry. - - One Audiotape
MF001 Miller, Henry
Henry Miller Odyssey (Video)
$30.95 This beautifully photographed film traces Miller's childhood through the streets of Brooklyn and his struggles as a writer in Paris. Living, working, playing, revisiting old haunts, and reading from books, Miller reveals himself as a boisterous, thoughtful, sometimes obscene, and truthful man. Miller's friends also shed light on the engaging author. 90 min. - - One VIDEO
MF002 Nin, Anais
Anais Nin Observed (Video)
$30.95 In this film capturing her life and philosophy, Nin emerges as a candid, graceful, intelligent woman who was ahead of her time. Discussing the art of writing, Nin tells of her inner emotional journey to find a path of her own and reveals the importance of relationships and psychoanalysis in fueling creativity. The author is at work, at play, and talking with colleagues Henry Miller, Frances Steloff, and Martha Graham. 60 min. - - One VIDEO