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Exploring Consciousness
Code Name Price Description  
00901 Harman, Willis
New Consciousness in a New Society
$11.95 Harman explains that mankind has changed its basic way of looking at things only half a dozen times in the entire history of humanity and that we are involved in such a change now. He discusses how society will need to change to cope with this emerging new consciousness. - 1972 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
01116 Huxley, Aldous
The Unconscious
$11.95 Huxley considers the unconscious both negative and positive, creative and destructive, linking it to what William James calls cosmic consciousness. He speaks of the unconscious as not enclosed, but touching a psychic medium out of which the individual mind is crystallized and through this psychic medium contacts other minds. - 1959 Santa Barbara - One Audiotape
04004 May, Rollo
Dimensions Of Consciousness
$36.95 We live in a culture afraid of creativity, often demanding security and predictability instead of fully entering the richness and depth of human consciousness. In this set of lectures, philosopher and psychologist May plumbs those depths, describing creativity and phenomenology as bridges between the natural world and our personal experience, and myth as the language of the unconscious. - 1966 Esalen - Four Audiotapes
04601 Pribram, Karl
Preface To The Holographic Mind
$11.95 Pribram compares the Eastern philosophical approach to the brain function approach. He also discusses what biochemical processes produce states of consciousness in the organism of the brain. - 1978 Esalen - One Audiotape
05502 Wilson, Robert Anton
The I In The Triangle
$11.95 We attempt to live in constantly changing and vanishing present. Wilson considers accepting responsibility for creating our future a necessary goal. - 1984 Esalen - One Audiotape
05601 Wilson, Colin
Human Evolution and A New Psychology
$36.95 Wilson talks about his life, the evolution of his thinking and what has shaped him. He gives an explanation of his theory of evolutionary consciousness, referring to peak experience and crisis points as proofs. Crisis, he asserts, can generate a transformative power, blasting through our depression and lives of petty mediocrity. - 1968 Esalen - Four Audiotapes
08402 Merrell-Wolff, Franklin
The Unconscious
$11.95 Merrell-Wolff discusses the vastness of the unconsciousness, expanding on Jung's and other theorists' views. He speaks of consciousness and the unconscious as parts of a continuum of the psyche, and consciousness being tiny in relation to the whole. - 1973 Lone Pine, Ca - One Audiotape
09502 Swami Satchidananda and Yogi Bhajan
Expression of The New Consciousness
$11.95 A Pair of inspiring talks by renowned yoga masters, about renewing our consciousness as interdependent beings. - 1972 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
11402 Tarnas, Richard
Passion Of Western Mind
$11.95 This whirlwind journey through the fundamental concepts of Western consciousness brings the play of a dynamic intellect alive - you can feel the buzz of excitement as the patterns unfold and the threads weave together. More than simply a presentation of events, this talk brilliantly animates the underlying origins and development of diametrically opposed models of the universe. Tarnas, author of the bestselling book of the same title, brings us beyond scholarship toward the profound project of re-ensouling the world. - 1993 Esalen - One Audiotape
40015 Hoeller, Stephan
Secret Roots Of Alchemy
$11.95 Because of C. G. Jung, we have an entirely different view of alchemy than our predecessors did a century ago. Jung believed the primal link to the world of the unconscious had been lost until, in 1926, he dreamt that alchemy served as this bridge. Further research led to discoveries of inks between Gnosticism, alchemy, and archetypes of the unconscious. In this talk, Gnostic scholar Hoeller details Jung's explorations, and elaborates on methods alchemists and Gnostics use to bring about psychological and spiritual transformation. - 1985 Esalen - One Audiotape
40016 Hoeller. Stephan
Magic and Animal Powers
$11.95 "The overwhelming preoccupations of the Western mind bears the stamp of magic - to bring things out of dark into the light, to bring the unconscious into consciousness." Joseph Campbell`s work the Way of the Animal Powers provides Hoeller a starting point for this exploration of the role of magic in Western culture, and the importance of animals in mythology and in our psyches. - 1992 Los Angeles - One Audiotape