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Biographical Information
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00101 Armstrong, Ann and Jim
The Power Of Intuition
$11.95 Anne and Jim relate the story of Anne's stormy transpersonal crisis. She explains this was a transformational process from which emerged her direct experience of truth and her last 30 years of work as a psychic. - 1987 Esalen - One Audiotape
00102 Armstrong, Ann and Jim
On Being A Psychic
$11.95 A personable and informative account about her psychic abilities. Armstrong describes how she first discovered her powers, her problems in learning to use them, and their changing character as they continued to emerge. - 1971 Uc Davis - One Audiotape
00602 Ram Dass
One Mans Journey To The East
$18.95 Ram Dass talks about his personal journey - from being a professor at Harvard, through a period of psychedelics use, to finding his guru in India, as well as the continuing changes in his life. - 1969 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
00610 Ram Dass
On Dying
$18.95 With great humor, Ram Dass speaks personally of his evolving relationship to death. As a psychologist at Harvard, he believed dead is dead. Then psilocybin pushed him to the edge of what he knew. Put yourself in my predicament: a Western social scientist-philosophical materialist, who now has just lost his body - there is a little question of what's left. - 1974 Santa Barbara, Ca - Two Audiotapes
00701 Fuller, Buckminster
Critical Path
$18.95 Fuller relates the experience of the incredible acceleration of change that came about in his lifetime. He explains his vision of how the universe works and how its laws have been discovered for the purpose of igniting our curiosity. - 1982 Maui - Two Audiotapes
01128 Huxley, Aldous
Aldous Huxley ( Interviewed By Mike Wallace)
$11.95 1959 Santa Barbara - One Audiotape
01130 Huxley, Aldous and Freida Lawrence
Memories Of D.H. Lawrence
$11.95 One Audiotape
01405 May, Rollo
Recollections Of Abraham Maslow
$11.95 Rollo May, Denis O`Donovan and Anthony Sutich speak movingly of their friend Maslow (1908-1970) and the influence he had on their personal lives and work as well as on psychology and the broader human potential movement. - 1971 Esalen - One Audiotape
01602 Metzner, Ralph
Insights From Gurdjieff
$11.95 Gurdjieff was one of the most controversial teachers of the century. Though his teachings have been largely underground, he has had a large impact on great numbers of people. Metzner speaks of Gurdjieff's life and the basic structure of the Gurdjieffian system. - 1968 Esalen - One Audiotape
02201 Rogers, Carl
My Philosophy and How It Grew
$11.95 Rogers discusses the personal relationships in his life that led him to develop a new model of psychotherapy. - 1972 Hawaii - One Audiotape
02401 Smith, Huston
No Wasted Journey
$11.95 Smith tells the story of his personal journeys. He describes his experiences in India with yogis who have supernatural powers, the discipline of Zen masters in Japan, and the unique chanting of Tibetan monks. - 1968 Esalen - One Audiotape
02903 Blofeld, John
Exploring Chinese Philosophy
$56.95 In his introduction to this presentation, Al Huang says he rediscovered his heritage in Blofeld. Blofeld describes his great love of China; his writing reflects what he saw during his many years there. In this rich series, Blofeld explores Chinese, Buddhist, and related Eastern philosophies, with Al Huang participating in the discussions. - 1978 San Rafael, Ca - Six Audiuotapes
03501 Hofmann, Albert
LSD and Nature Of Reality
$11.95 Hofmann recounts the tale of his discovery of LSD and gives a detailed history of its chemical compound and medical uses. - 1978 San Francisco - One Audiotape
03502 Hofmann, Albert
Interviewed By Stan Grof
$11.95 Hoffman is interviewed by Grof, who as a psychiatric intern in Czechoslvakia, received samples of LSD from Hoffman at Sandoz. This than profoundly influenced Grof`s life work. - 1984 Esalen - One Audiotape
03604 Kornfield, Jack
Buddhism: His Personal Story
$11.95 Achaan Chah, one of Kornfield's teachers, spoke of two kinds of suffering: the kind that keeps going around and around, and the kind that leads to liberation, the end of suffering - That's hopefully the kind that we practice here, says Kornfield in describing his formative experiences with Buddhist practice. - 1983 Esalen - One Audiotape
03804 Leonard, George
An Authors Mind In Transformation
$11.95 Leonard, in the process of writing The Transformation, which deals with alternate systems of perceiving and being that he has personally glimpsed, takes us on his journey of thought and inspiration in the writing of this book. - 1971 Esalen - One Audiotape
03901 Lilly, John
Continuous Satori-Samadhi
$11.95 Lilly describes the levels of satori, using a numbering system developed by students of Gurdjieff, and describes his own experiences of each of these levels. He also discusses the teaching methods of Oscar Ichazo and relates his personal reactions to them - 1971 New York - One Audiotape
03903 Lilly, John
Dolphin Experience With Humans
$11.95 In this informal talk, Lilly recounts the historical relationship of humans with dolphins and whales. References to his personal experiences make the talk especially pertinent and entertaining. - 1976 Berkeley - One Audiotape
03905 Lilly, John
Safety Of Cyclone's Center
$18.95 Drawing from his book The Center of the Cyclone, Lilly shares advice for navigators in unknown spaces. He draws from his personal life history, his involvement in scientific projects, the development of his values and the his own experience with inner space travel. - 1970 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
04203 Naranjo, Claudio
$11.95 Naranjo takes us on his journey in the 1960s, from Harvard University to the jungles of the Amazon, to find ayahuasca. - 1975 Esalen - One Audiotape
04204 Naranjo, Claudio
Report from Chile: Oscar Icazo and the School
$11.95 Naranjo reports his personal impressions of Sufi master Ichazo at Ichazo`s school in the Chilean town of Arica in 1970, and of the mysteries of the extraordinary and ecstatic states of consciousness to which he and others were taken by the school`s discipline. - 1970 Esalen - One Audiotape
04205 Naranjo, Claudio
The One Quest
$11.95 One Audiotape
04404 Perls, Fritz
Perls Reads Excerpts From: In and Out of the Garbage Pail
$11.95 Perls reads from his autobiography. This book is a many-faceted mosaic of memories and reflections on his life. - 1969 Esalen - One Audiotape
05601 Wilson, Colin
Human Evolution and A New Psychology
$36.95 Wilson talks about his life, the evolution of his thinking and what has shaped him. He gives an explanation of his theory of evolutionary consciousness, referring to peak experience and crisis points as proofs. Crisis, he asserts, can generate a transformative power, blasting through our depression and lives of petty mediocrity. - 1968 Esalen - Four Audiotapes
07301 Osmond, Humphrey
Early Psychedelic History
$11.95 Osmond, who coined the word psychedelic, traces the early history of the use of psychedelics through his own role in that history. Part of that story includes his introducing Aldous Huxley to mescaline. - 1976 Esalen - One Audiotape
07701 Reich, Eva
Wilhelm Reich Life and Work
$11.95 One Audiotape
08501 Freibott, George
Nikola Testla The Inventor
$11.95 George Freibott, a professor at Stanford who shares with Tesla an interest in unconventional scientific and medical areas, and Stan Grof discuss Tesla, his ideas, and his many inventions - particularly in alternative energy - which were ahead of his time. - 1983 Esalen - One Audiotape
09401 Kelley, Charles
Wilhelm Reich and The Bioenergetics Of Feeling
$11.95 Kelly gives a concise and informative history of Reich`s life and work, followed by a description of some current applications of Reichian methods. - 1970 Mill Valley - One Audiotape
11302 Bradbury, Ray
Magic Realism
$11.95 Bradbury talks about his own development as a writer, his writing process, influences, and attitudes. An engaging speaker who considers his work "magic realosm", Bradbury continually remarks on the emotional basis of the major decisions in his life. - 1967 Esalen - One Audiotape
12301 Hill, Leyla Rudhyar
Understand Dane Rudhyar
$11.95 Background information on Dane Rudhyar's life and thinking provides a helpful foundation for approaching his life's work. - 1970S - One Audiotape
32003 Abrahams, Ralph
Chaos, Gi and Eros - (Interviewed by Elisabeth Gips)
$11.95 Abraham, a mathematician known for his work in Chaos Theory, describes his personal journey from Vermont, through music, to mathematics, and his frames of reference shifted through experience in the 1960s. He refers to Chaos Theory as the loving intuitive language of nature " that has become an antidote to the rigities of science as practiced since Aristotle - Santa Cruz - One Audiotape
38605 Palmer, Helen
Psychic Opening
$11.95 Palmer's early experiences with spontaneous clairvoyance, with accounts of the practices that stabilized her access to that state of mind. - 1988 Berkekey, Ca - One Audiotape
40001 Hoeller, Stephan
Mysterious Gurdjieff
$11.95 Hungarian-born Hoeller, the director of the Los Angeles Gnostic Society and author of Freedom, presents an historical overview of Gurdjieff's life and his unique trickster manner of teaching and facilitating transformation. - 1981 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40007 Hoeller, Stephan
The Fourth Way: Gurjdieff, Ouspensky and Nicoll
$11.95 Hoeller speaks of the major features of the Fourth Way movement and its greatest contributors. - 1980 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40011 Hoeller, Stephan
Joseph Campbell - American Sage
$11.95 Hoeller speaks of Campbell's regard for art and artist as prophetic agents, expressing our culture's "myths of eternity and the future," and emphasizing "the incredible importance of that aesthetic revelation, without which the entire mytic reality has no ability to come forth." - 1987 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40021 Hoeller, Stephan
Rumi - Friend Of God
$11.95 The life and work of beloved Sufi poet Jalauddin Rumi (1207-1273) dramatically manifests what mystics consider our basic purpose in the world: to journey from outward to inward, "to return Creation to its origins." For some mystics, another human being becomes the inspiration of the journey. In each of the three major periods of Rumi's life, a different friend embodied Rumi's genius, leading him to the mystical fulfillment that brought forth his unequaled expressions of Devine love. - 1995 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40025 Hoeller, Stephan
Aldous Huxley - Perennial Philosopher
$11.95 One Audiotape
40026 Hoeller, Stephan
Gerald Heard - Guide Of Souls
$11.95 One Audiotape
AL012 Merton, Thomas
The Seven Story Mountain (Book-on-Tape)
$18.95 The autobiography of Thomas Merton, whose presence in the world touched millions, and whose words and thoughts continue to have a profound impact today. An extraordinary spiritual testament. Read by Sidney Lanier. - 1968 Gethsemani, Ky - Two Audiotapes
DC001 Miller, Henry
Asleep and Awake (Video)
$33.95 Filmed when Miller was 81, this documentary captures his vigor, humor, and wisdom. Speaking of the people and ideas that have influenced and interested him, he reveals his thoughts on life, writing, sex, spirituality, nightmares, and New York. 35 min. - - One VIDEO
FR001 Merton, Thomas
Thomas Merton Film Biography (Video)
$30.95 This critically acclaimed film examines Merton's life and work through insightful interviews with those who knew him, including the Dalai Lama, poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Nicaragua's Minister of Culture Ernesto Cardenal, musician Joan Baez, monks he lived with and friends with whom he shared his deepest emotions. Interwoven are passages from Merton's writing and scenes from significant places of his life. 57 min. - - One VIDEO
GM002 Snake, Ruben
The Legacy of Ruben Snake
$11.95 Reuben Snake, of the Winnebago tribe, was a lifetime member and roadman (ceremonial leader) of the Native American Church. He was an ardent defender of religious rights for Native Americans and was devoted to the revitalization of their cultural identity. Public radio producer Ginger Miles created this program as a tribute to Reuben Snake. - - One Audiotape
MF001 Miller, Henry
Henry Miller Odyssey (Video)
$30.95 This beautifully photographed film traces Miller's childhood through the streets of Brooklyn and his struggles as a writer in Paris. Living, working, playing, revisiting old haunts, and reading from books, Miller reveals himself as a boisterous, thoughtful, sometimes obscene, and truthful man. Miller's friends also shed light on the engaging author. 90 min. - - One VIDEO
MF002 Nin, Anais
Anais Nin Observed (Video)
$30.95 In this film capturing her life and philosophy, Nin emerges as a candid, graceful, intelligent woman who was ahead of her time. Discussing the art of writing, Nin tells of her inner emotional journey to find a path of her own and reveals the importance of relationships and psychoanalysis in fueling creativity. The author is at work, at play, and talking with colleagues Henry Miller, Frances Steloff, and Martha Graham. 60 min. - - One VIDEO
PM001 Gurdjieff, G.I.
Meetings With Remarkable Men - Video
$60.95 This feature film is based on the spiritual autobiography of G. I. Gurdjieff, in which he describes his personal search and meetings, in remote areas of the Middle East and Central Asia, with men who shared a consuming desire to understand the deepest mysteries of life and were not dismayed by the obstacles they encountered. Directed by Peter Brook. 102 min. - - One VIDEO
PM002 Griffiths, Fr. Bede
Human Search - The Life Of Fr. Bebe Griffiths (Video)
$30.95 This film tells the story of Fr. Bede - a person of exceptional learning, profound spiritual realization, and deep joy and humor - and his passage through a rigorous Oxford education to creating an ashram in southern India, where he spent his last 37 years. A Benedictine monk living as a Hindu holy man, Fr. Bede shares with us the deeply moving mystical experiences that animated his spiritual journey. 59 min - - One VIDEO
WP001 Pinkson, Thomas
Flowers of Wiricuta: A Gringo's Journey to Shamanic Power (Book)
$11.95 Pinkson tells his story of making the ancient spiritual pilgrimage with the Huichols in Mexico. It is the story of a hunter of spiritual visions ... the reader will feel inspired to drink deeply from the well of remembrance, to connect again with the Earth, and to walk in solidarity with our native relatives whose ancient traditions keep the doorway open to Spirit and Mystery. - Ralph Metzner. - - One Audiotape