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   Hoeller, Stephen,
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   Sandner, Donald
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   Schachter, Rabbi Zalman
   Schultes, Richard
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Stephan Hoeller is a Hungarian-born scholar and writer, the director of the Los Angeles Gnostic Society. His scholarship range over the entire Western Inner traditions, emphasizing Jungian psychology and gnosis. His books include Freedom,
Hoeller, Stephen,
Code Name Price Description  
40001 Hoeller, Stephan
Mysterious Gurdjieff
$11.95 Hungarian-born Hoeller, the director of the Los Angeles Gnostic Society and author of Freedom, presents an historical overview of Gurdjieff's life and his unique trickster manner of teaching and facilitating transformation. - 1981 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40002 Hoeller, Stephan
Gurdjieff and Jung
$11.95 Hoeller compares The Fourth Way of the Asian teacher Gurdjieff with the Western Analytical Psychology of Jung. - 1981 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40003 Hoeller, Stephan
Gurdjieff and The Mysteries Of Time
$11.95 Hoeller elaborates on Gurdjieff's method for breaking through the mundane experience of time which is either cyclical or linear and can be psychologically unsatisfactory. - 1981 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40004 Hoeller, Stephan
Devil As Shadow Of God
$11.95 eller traces historically the many views and definitions of evil, from the most ancient people and their matter-of-fact attitude, to today's attitude of evil as a great and awesome metaphysical concern and mystery. - 1982 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40005 Hoeller, Stephan
Servents Of The Shadow
$11.95 Through history many individuals and groups have been taken over by the shadow of their own nature, or by the universal shadow. Hoeller explores the inevitable aspect of human nature that attempts to rid itself of the dark, the unacceptable and evil side of itself by projecting that shadow in someone else. - 1982 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40006 Hoeller, Stephan
Integrating Evil In Society
$11.95 Hoeller says that when individuals or societies lack self-knowledge and interior integration, they project the evil or shadow content of the unconscious and make the presence of an evil and loathsome enemy a veritable psychic necessity. - 1981 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40007 Hoeller, Stephan
The Fourth Way: Gurjdieff, Ouspensky and Nicoll
$11.95 Hoeller speaks of the major features of the Fourth Way movement and its greatest contributors. - 1980 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40008 Hoeller, Stephan
Gurdjieff Versus Ouspensky-The Dervish And The Intellectual
$11.95 Hoeller compares Gurdjieff, the pragmatic practicing magus, the technician of transformation, with Ouspensky, the ponderous disciplined, serious-minded intellectual. - 1981 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40009 Hoeller, Stephan
The Winged Heart Of Sufis
$11.95 Hoeller presents insights into the myth of Sufi Mysticism and the greater myth of Islam. - 1982 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40010 Hoeller, Stephan
Carlos Castaneda and The New Sorcery
$11.95 Hoeller calls Castaneda the most important figure in the revival of interest in shamanistic phenomena and in the psychology and spirit of the shaman. He speaks of the differences between truth seekers concerned with abstract truths, and the magical, fluid, illusive, mercurial world of the shaman, who is a transformer. - 1980 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40011 Hoeller, Stephan
Joseph Campbell - American Sage
$11.95 Hoeller speaks of Campbell's regard for art and artist as prophetic agents, expressing our culture's "myths of eternity and the future," and emphasizing "the incredible importance of that aesthetic revelation, without which the entire mytic reality has no ability to come forth." - 1987 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40012 Hoeller, Stephan
Tarot - Spiritual Foundations Of The Oracle Of The West
$11.95 1979 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40013 Hoeller, Stephan
The Use Of The Tarot - Principals Of Tarot Divination
$11.95 1979 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40014 Hoeller. Stephan
Jung, Tarot and Astrology
$11.95 1981 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40015 Hoeller, Stephan
Secret Roots Of Alchemy
$11.95 Because of C. G. Jung, we have an entirely different view of alchemy than our predecessors did a century ago. Jung believed the primal link to the world of the unconscious had been lost until, in 1926, he dreamt that alchemy served as this bridge. Further research led to discoveries of inks between Gnosticism, alchemy, and archetypes of the unconscious. In this talk, Gnostic scholar Hoeller details Jung's explorations, and elaborates on methods alchemists and Gnostics use to bring about psychological and spiritual transformation. - 1985 Esalen - One Audiotape
40016 Hoeller. Stephan
Magic and Animal Powers
$11.95 "The overwhelming preoccupations of the Western mind bears the stamp of magic - to bring things out of dark into the light, to bring the unconscious into consciousness." Joseph Campbell`s work the Way of the Animal Powers provides Hoeller a starting point for this exploration of the role of magic in Western culture, and the importance of animals in mythology and in our psyches. - 1992 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40017 Hoeller, Stephan
Joseph Campbell and The Gnostic Challenge
$11.95 As we approach the end of the 20th Century, the need to integrate what Hoeller calls "the Mythic Imagination" into our world-view grows ever more desperate. Without this integration, unconscious forces could promote inconceivable catastrophes. The mythic traditions of Gnosticism and the visionary efforts of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell can provide us sources for the transformative wisdom we need to survive. - 1992 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40018 Hoeller, Stephan
Jung and Synchronicity
$11.95 Our tendency to look for direct, objective causes in events may be depriving us of a rich inner significance. C.G. Jung's theory of synchronicity considers symbolic, psychological connections between material events of prime importance. Hoeller describes how other cultures make use of their sense of connectedness and how we can develop this sense. - 1996 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40019 Hoeller, Stephan
Occult Phenomenon: Arena Of Synchronicity
$11.95 Hoeller expands his discussion of synchronicity by examining how our acceptance of meaning changes as we get older. Meaning is not the same as information: "Meaning is the energizer of psychic life. A meaningless existence leaves one bored and listness, and that is why boredom is such a heavy feature of our lives in civilization." Hoeller explores how we can sensibly discover personal meaning in the extraodinary. - 1996 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40020 Hoeller, Stephan
Sufis, Kabbalist and Mystics
$11.95 Mystics of all religions tend to recognize an innate capacity for insight that all humans share. In the 11th and 12th Centuries, Spain provided fertile ground for mystics of Jewish, Islamic and Christian comunities to develop systems that shared many concepts and methods. Hoeller discusses how creative imagination, longing for God, polarity between mercy and justice, and other mystical idesa have been expressed by all three systems. - 1995 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40021 Hoeller, Stephan
Rumi - Friend Of God
$11.95 The life and work of beloved Sufi poet Jalauddin Rumi (1207-1273) dramatically manifests what mystics consider our basic purpose in the world: to journey from outward to inward, "to return Creation to its origins." For some mystics, another human being becomes the inspiration of the journey. In each of the three major periods of Rumi's life, a different friend embodied Rumi's genius, leading him to the mystical fulfillment that brought forth his unequaled expressions of Devine love. - 1995 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40022 Hoeller, Stephan
Angels - Messengers Of The Future
$11.95 How much does an experience with angels depend on the experience? This talk examins the history and mythology associated with angel visitations, emphasizing how we respond to the experience - what it can mean personally in our lives, whether er can see we are not in charge, how to recognize sngels as messengers between the Devine and the human. - 1991 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40023 Hoeller, Stephan
Magic and Mystery Of Angles
$11.95 Hoeller considers reacquainting ourselves with archetypes from our culture, such as angel myths, a vitally important step in assimilating new experiences. As our culture becomes more complex and specialized, a "crisis of fragmentation of life in general" makes us increasingly susceptible to something in the character of magic, and we should know how to respond. - 1991 Los Angeles - One Audiotape
40025 Hoeller, Stephan
Aldous Huxley - Perennial Philosopher
$11.95 One Audiotape
40026 Hoeller, Stephan
Gerald Heard - Guide Of Souls
$11.95 One Audiotape