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08601 Palmer, Helen
Introduction To The Enneagram
$11.95 Palmer, author of The Enneagram and The Enneagram of Love and Work, describes the relationship between personality type and higher mental and emotional potentials that develop from the preoccupations of the nine Enneagram types. Palmer presents an introduction to the Enneagram, an ancient system of personality types with roots in centuries-old Sufi traditions. - 1991 Esalen - One Audiotape
08602 Palmer, Helen
Enneagram and Placement Of Attention
$11.95 Palmer discusses the inner placement of attention of the Enneagram, the preoccupation of mind and heart. By following specific placement of attention, we can move from one dimension of experience to another, we can leave our own personality behind and move into the dimensions of the inner life. - 1991 Esalen - One Audiotape
34202 Naranjo, Claudio
Enneagram Of Patriarchal Society
$18.95 Naranjo, who introduced the enneagram to North America in 1971, gives a brilliant, personable address that examines the anatomy of the partriarchal society we live in according to the map provided by the enneagram. It's easy to discern that social problems are reverberations of individual problems, says Naranjo, describing how social pathologies arise from underlying structures of interdependent disturbances. - 1995 Berkeley - Two Audiotapes
34203 Naranjo, Claudio
Enneagram and DSM III
$11.95 Psychiatrist and Gestalt therapist Naranjo originally gave this talk to a group of psychology professionals. He examines the profound usefulness of the enneagram in shedding light on the character types described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. - 1994 - One Audiotape
34204 Naranjo, Claudio
Music, Enneagram Types and Transcendence
$18.95 Multi-talented Naranjo is a classical paianist as well as a psychotherapist and enneagram pioneer. In this presentation he performs excerpts from works of vatrious composers to illustrate the development of their personalities, as defined be the enneagram types. The music eloquently shows us how the composers could and did rise beyond the limits if their particular types. - 1997 Berkeley - Two Audiotapes
35001 Cuevas-Barnett, Gloria
Enneagram As A Tool For The 4th Way
$11.95 Gurdjieff used the enneagram with his students as a tool for self-observation and self-verification. Cuevas-Barnett discusses how she uses the enneagram to facilitate the work. - - One Audiotape
38609 Palmer, Helen
Enneagram and Strategy For Higher Awareness
$11.95 Palmer places the Enneagram in the context of the two major lines of meditation practice: that which emphasizes emptying the mind and that which emphasizes concentration as a way of accomplishing the same spiritual ends. - 1989 Boston - One Audiotape
38610 Palmer, Helen
Nine Points Of View On Intuition
$11.95 This talk describes internal attention practices that help uncover the intuitive predispositions of the Enneagram personality types. - 1990 Berkeley, Ca - One Audiotape
CR008 Condon, Thomas
Waking From Trances
$18.95 We each have our own specific modes of perception and interaction, arising out of nine basic character types. Condon, a skilled hypnotist who has worked with the enneagram for nearly twenty years, likens the nine types to varieties of trance. In this valuable talk, he outlines the traits of each type and provides tools for awakening from our particular trances - - Two Audiotapes
EJ001 Jackson-Bear, Eli
Enneagram and Self-Realization
$11.95 Jaxon-Bear relates how our character fixations trap us into habitual action, and how At some point, everyone has tasted what's beyond the character fixation. This point is the source of self-realization, which we can tap into precisely by getting to know our fixations, using a tool such as the enneagram. - - One Audiotape
HP008 Palmer, Helen
Enneagram - Additiction and Recovery (Video)
$50.95 For centuries, the Enneagram was only transmitted through the oral tradition. It was believed that the best way to realize where one fit into the system was through direct experience of the senses, by listening and experiencing people who articulately expressed the qualities of the nine points. Palmer has taught the Enneagram in this manner for many years. The following videos, for this reason, are of particular value for anyone seeking to identify their point in the Enneagram. Nine speakers from the recovery community discuss addiction and the helpfulness of the Enneagram in their own healing. 55 min. - - One VIDEO
HP009 Palmer, Helen
Enneagram and Women On Relationship (Video)
$50.95 Sympathetic and insightful presentations by nine women expressing their individual perspectives on relating, in relationship to their place in the enneagram. 55 min. each. - - One VIDEO
HP010 Palmer, Helen
Enneagram and Men On Relationship (Video)
$50.95 Sympathetic and insightful presentations by nine men expressing their individual perspectives on relating, in relationship to their place in the enneagram. 55 min. each. - - One VIDEO
SW001 Bennett, J. G.
Enneagram Studies (Book)
$8.95 The Enneagram is a symbol taught to the students of Gurdjieff, who claimed it was the key symbolic device of the Sarmaun Brotherhood, a mystic order that existed in Central Asia for thousands of years. Many of Gurdjieff`s followers, including Bennett, devoted themselves to unraveling the mysteries of the Enneagram. In this book Bennett presents many examples of work in progress that he pursued with his students. - - One BOOK