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Code Name Price Description  
10101 Rudhyar, Dana
Astrological and The Planetary Consciousness
$18.95 Rudhyar offers a general overview of astrology, followed by a discussion of three stages along the path symbolized by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. - 1966 Berkeley - Two Audiotapes
10102 Rudhyar, Dana
Polarity In Astrology
$11.95 Rudhyar deals with the natal chart as an entity divided into sets of polar opposites. In evaluating a chart, he does not regard a configuration as good or bad in itself but looks to its relationship to the chart as a whole. The underlying premises of modern astrology are much closer to the Taoism of China and the non-dualism of Indian philosophy than to its Greek and Roman roots and the rigid morality of Western civilization. - 1971 Esalen - One Audiotape
10103 Rudhyar, Dana
The Illuminated Path
$18.95 In this lucid, informative talk, Rudhyar describes the goal of a transformative journey as the building of a completely new and immortal organism of conscious selfhood, which is attuned to cosmic rhythms and which becomes a permanent factor in the universe. - 1969 Berkeley - Two Audiotapes
10106 Rudhyar, Dana
Humanistic Astrology
$11.95 It's remarkable how we pass life doing things without asking what the things we are doing are for ... we have, very often, little understanding of why we want to do them. Rudhyar addresses some of these basic questions about humanistic astrology. An excellent introduction to the topic. - 1970S - One Audiotape
10108 Rudhyar, Dana
Birth Chart As Mandala Of Personality
$11.95 There is not one kind of astrology. Astrology is a process of interpretation of the universe and of the conditions of living, according to a particular culture. Rudhyar looks at the evolution of astrology and at the astrological birth-chart as a mandala for personal meditation and transformation. - 1978 Albuquerque - One Audiotape
10109 Rudhyar, Dana
Astrology and The Consciousness Movement
$18.95 An in-depth examination of the place astrology has occupied in the broader human potential and consciousness movements, and a look at what the future of these might be. - 1970S - Two Audiotapes
11401 Tarnas, Richard
Astrology, Psychedelics and The Archetypes
$11.95 What astrology seems to be is a highly developed form of meditation into archetypal consciousness, says Tarnas, describing astrology as a series of highly subtle, very liberating clues to help us map experiences that transcend our normal conception of ourselves and the external world - experiences he refers to as archetypal. He speaks of finding a profound correlation between astrological transits and the experiences of participants in Stan Grof's psychedelic therapy sessions. - 1979 Boston - One Audiotape
11403 Tarnas, Richard
Archetypal Astrology
$11.95 1980 Esalen - One Audiotape
12301 Hill, Leyla Rudhyar
Understand Dane Rudhyar
$11.95 Background information on Dane Rudhyar's life and thinking provides a helpful foundation for approaching his life's work. - 1970S - One Audiotape
12302 Hill, Leyla Rudhyar
What Is Humanistic Astrology?
$11.95 Hill examines the context in which Rudhyar formulated humanistic astrology, and suggests some ways of making personal use of it. - 1970S - One Audiotape
13301 Hand, Robert
Astrology: Mind and Body
$11.95 Hand, one of the world's foremost astrologers, calls astrology a four-thousand-year-old practicing tradition of transpersonal psychology. Because of its Western origins, it speaks in symbols we are readily accustomed to. Hand's sharp humor and insight make this energetic talk a good starting place for those unfamiliar with astrology, and equally interesting for experienced practitioners. - 1979 Boston - One Audiotape
40014 Hoeller. Stephan
Jung, Tarot and Astrology
$11.95 1981 Los Angeles - One Audiotape