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   Abrahams, Ralph
   Alexander, F. M.
   Anderson, Tenshin Reb
   Arguelles, Jose and Miriam
   Armstrong, Ann and Jim
   Arrien, Angeles
   Banyacya, Thomas
   Bateson, Gregory
   Bennett, J. G.
   Bergman, Bob
   Blofeld, John
   Bly, Robert
   Bradbury, Ray
   Brown, Malcolm
   Capra, Fritjof
   Commoner, Barry
   Condon, Thomas
   Cox, Harvey
   Cuevas-Barnett, Gloria
   El-Sarhan, Adnan Mohammed
   Elgin, Duane
   Erickson, Carol
   Fadiman, James
   Fawel, Ghazi
   Feldenkrais, Moshe
   Fields, Rick
   Frankl, Viktor
   Freibott, George
   Freud, Anna
   Fuller, Buckminster
   Ginsberg, Allen
   Glassmzn Roshi, Bernard
   Govinda, Lama
   Green, Elmer and Alyce
   Griffiths, Fr. Bede
   Grof, Stan and Christina
   Gurdjieff, G.I.
   Hall, Robert
   Halifax, Joan
   Hand, Robert
   Harman, Willis
   Harner, Michael
   Hastings, Arthur
   Heard, Gerald
   Henderson, Joseph
   Hill, Leyla Rudhyar
   Hoeller, Stephen,
   Hofmann, Albert
   Houston, Jean
   Huang, Al
   Huxley, Aldous
   Huxley, Laura
   Ilsen, Eve
   Jackson-Bear, Eli
   Jeffers, Robertson
   Johnson, Robert
   Joyce, James
   Keen, Sam
   Keleman, Stanley
   Kelley, Charles
   Khan, Pir Vilayat Inayat
   Kornfield, Jack
   Kramer, Joel and Diana Alstad
   Krippner, Stanley
   Krishnamurti, J
   Laing, R. D.
   Lawrence, D.H.
   Lawrence, Fredia
   Leary, Tim
   Leonard, George
   Lilly, John
   Lowen, Alexander
   Maslow, Abraham
   May, Rollo
   McCarthy, George
   Mead, Margaret
   Merrell-Wolff, Franklin
   Merton, Thomas
   Metzner, Ralph
   Miller, Henry
   Mookerjee, Ajit
   Muller, Robert
   Munn, Henry
   Murphy, Michael
   Myerhoff, Barbara
   Naranjo, Claudio
   Nin, Anais
   Nydahl, Ole
   Olatunji, Babatunde
   Ornstein, Robert
   Osmond, Humphrey
   Ouspensky, P. D.
   Palmer, Helen
   Palmer, Wendy
   Pauling, Linus
   Pearce, Joseph Chilton
   Perls, Fritz
   Perls, Laura
   Perry, John
   Pierrakos, John
   Pike, Bishop
   Pinkson, Thomas
   Prem Das
   Pribram, Karl
   Puharich, Henry
   Purce, Jill
   Ram Dass
   Ravenscroft, Trevor
   Reich, Eva
   Ring, Kenneth
   Rios, Guadalupe De La Cruz
   Rivas, Don Agustin
   Robbins, John
   Rogers, Carl
   Rohr, Richard
   Rolf, Ida
   Roscoe, Will
   Rossman, Martin
   Rudhyar, Dana
   Sandner, Donald
   Satir, Virginia
   Schachter, Rabbi Zalman
   Schultes, Richard
   Schutz, Will
   Schwarz, Jack
   Segal, Robert
   Selver, Charlotte
   Shah, Idries
   Sheldrake, Rupert
   Shulgin, Alexander
   Silverman, Julian
   Simkin, Anna
   Simkin, James
   Simonton, Carl
   Skinner, B. F.
   Smith, Huston
   Snake, Ruben
   Spiegelberg, Frederic
   Steindl-Rast, Br. David
   Suzuki Roshi, Shunryu
   Swami Satchidananda
   Szasz, Thomas
   Tarnas, Richard
   Tart, Charles
   Tesla, Nikola
   Thompson, William Irwin
   Tiller, William
   Trungpa Rinpoche, Chogyam
   Turner, D. M.
   Turtle, Billy and Wayne
   Van Dusen, Wilson
   Wasson, Gordon
   Watts, Alan
   Weil, Andrew
   Wilson, Colin
   Wilson, Robert Anton
   Worsley, Jack
   Wyer, Loretta
   Wilhelm Reich


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Br. David Steindl-Rast is a Viennese-born Benedictine monk, hermit, psychologist and author who has spent the last 35 years in both Eastern and Western monasteries exploring the roots of mysticism in the human heart. His books include A Listening Heart and Gratefulness: The Heart of Prayer.
Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Code Name Price Description  
05101 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Overview Of Christian Myths
$18.95 Myth can present truths and insights into the human condition that are so weighty they must be expressed in poetic terms because no other language is strong enough. Brother David gives an overview of the way in which Christian tradition and mythology speak about the divine life of mystical experience. - 1984 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
05102 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Healing Starts From Heart
$18.95 Brother David describes mysticism - something older and more basic than any religious tradition - as the experience of communion with the divine, the ultimate reality. He explores how each mystical tradition has made different discoveries. - 1985 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
05103 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Approaches To Christian Mysticism
$56.95 Awareness of Eastern mysticism makes many people curious about the mystical tradition in the West. Can one find meaning in it today? Br. David has spent more than 30 years in both Eastern and Western monasteries exploring the roots of mysticism. In this Esalen workshop, he helps participants search for these roots in their own life experiences. - 1987 Esalen - Six Audiotapes
05104 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
The Body: Sensuousness and Spirituality
$11.95 Br. David explores the misunderstandings and confusions created in religious traditions by the words body, sensuousness, and spirituality. When the power of what is real flows into you - when your body is ablaze in the glow of spirit - these moments give you the standard from which everything else is measured. - 1990 Esalen - One Audiotape
05105 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Three Ways On The Spiritual Path
$11.95 In the 1960s, three centers were founded at Big Sur: Esalen Institute; The Hermitage, a Benedictine monastery; and Tassajara, a Zen monastery. Br. David has lived, and is at home, in all three. He speaks to us of how each of these serves the spiritual quest, the life journey towards greater and greater, deeper and deeper, fuller and fuller aliveness. - 1990 Esalen - One Audiotape
05106 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Enjoying Poetry
$36.95 What is the point of poetry? Through discussion and poetry reading, Br. David illuminates how artists and poets capture that still point, when we feel particularly in touch with the source of the design of life, when everything makes sense, when for one moment we are really present, when the whole dance of life seems to be contained in this particular point. A good poem will take you to that still point and give you the language to express imprecise feelings and very subtle realities. - 1992 Esalen - Four Audiotapes
05107 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Mysticism As A Frontier Experience
$36.95 Br. David explores ways in which the mystical core that underlies all religions can be an active force in personally experiencing union with the Divine. He refers to the parables of Jesus, religious rituals and moral guidelines as examples that can either help or hinder our practice. - 1985 Esalen - Four Audiotapes
05108 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
$11.95 Spirit means aliveness, life-breath, life-force .... According to Br. David, flesh, the traditional opposite of spirit, has often been misinterpreted as body, when in fact the true meaning of flesh is deadness, decay, the corpse after the life-breath has gone out. When we are truly alive, we can experience spiritual bliss in our bodies - All the mystics, when they talk about their highest encounter with the spirit ... use the language of sexual intercourse ... The two are one. - 1990 Esalen - One Audiotape
05109 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Living In The Now
$36.95 Prayer is an attitude - simply dancing with everything that's dancing. That which is most alive in us comes through when we allow the child in us to play - Brother David sees a correspondence between play and pray - they are qualities of attention. The child, the monk and the poet all share this attitude, and within each of us is the potential to be all three. This workshop explores the question, How do we find the child in us, and looks at practical ways of freeing and feeding the child. Life-serious is far more serious than dead-serious - and that is playfulness. - 1988 Esalen - Four Audiotapes
05110 Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Addiction and the Spiritual Quest
$11.95 The enormously strong pull of addictions can have surprising commonalities with a spiritual quest. Using poetry and soulful questioning in an engaging interactive format, Brother David explores experiences that are often beyond our control or understanding. - 1987 Esalen - One Audiotape