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   Abrahams, Ralph
   Alexander, F. M.
   Anderson, Tenshin Reb
   Arguelles, Jose and Miriam
   Armstrong, Ann and Jim
   Arrien, Angeles
   Banyacya, Thomas
   Bateson, Gregory
   Bennett, J. G.
   Bergman, Bob
   Blofeld, John
   Bly, Robert
   Bradbury, Ray
   Brown, Malcolm
   Capra, Fritjof
   Commoner, Barry
   Condon, Thomas
   Cox, Harvey
   Cuevas-Barnett, Gloria
   El-Sarhan, Adnan Mohammed
   Elgin, Duane
   Erickson, Carol
   Fadiman, James
   Fawel, Ghazi
   Feldenkrais, Moshe
   Fields, Rick
   Frankl, Viktor
   Freibott, George
   Freud, Anna
   Fuller, Buckminster
   Ginsberg, Allen
   Glassmzn Roshi, Bernard
   Govinda, Lama
   Green, Elmer and Alyce
   Griffiths, Fr. Bede
   Grof, Stan and Christina
   Gurdjieff, G.I.
   Hall, Robert
   Halifax, Joan
   Hand, Robert
   Harman, Willis
   Harner, Michael
   Hastings, Arthur
   Heard, Gerald
   Henderson, Joseph
   Hill, Leyla Rudhyar
   Hoeller, Stephen,
   Hofmann, Albert
   Houston, Jean
   Huang, Al
   Huxley, Aldous
   Huxley, Laura
   Ilsen, Eve
   Jackson-Bear, Eli
   Jeffers, Robertson
   Johnson, Robert
   Joyce, James
   Keen, Sam
   Keleman, Stanley
   Kelley, Charles
   Khan, Pir Vilayat Inayat
   Kornfield, Jack
   Kramer, Joel and Diana Alstad
   Krippner, Stanley
   Krishnamurti, J
   Laing, R. D.
   Lawrence, D.H.
   Lawrence, Fredia
   Leary, Tim
   Leonard, George
   Lilly, John
   Lowen, Alexander
   Maslow, Abraham
   May, Rollo
   McCarthy, George
   Mead, Margaret
   Merrell-Wolff, Franklin
   Merton, Thomas
   Metzner, Ralph
   Miller, Henry
   Mookerjee, Ajit
   Muller, Robert
   Munn, Henry
   Murphy, Michael
   Myerhoff, Barbara
   Naranjo, Claudio
   Nin, Anais
   Nydahl, Ole
   Olatunji, Babatunde
   Ornstein, Robert
   Osmond, Humphrey
   Ouspensky, P. D.
   Palmer, Helen
   Palmer, Wendy
   Pauling, Linus
   Pearce, Joseph Chilton
   Perls, Fritz
   Perls, Laura
   Perry, John
   Pierrakos, John
   Pike, Bishop
   Pinkson, Thomas
   Prem Das
   Pribram, Karl
   Puharich, Henry
   Purce, Jill
   Ram Dass
   Ravenscroft, Trevor
   Reich, Eva
   Ring, Kenneth
   Rios, Guadalupe De La Cruz
   Rivas, Don Agustin
   Robbins, John
   Rogers, Carl
   Rohr, Richard
   Rolf, Ida
   Roscoe, Will
   Rossman, Martin
   Rudhyar, Dana
   Sandner, Donald
   Satir, Virginia
   Schachter, Rabbi Zalman
   Schultes, Richard
   Schutz, Will
   Schwarz, Jack
   Segal, Robert
   Selver, Charlotte
   Shah, Idries
   Sheldrake, Rupert
   Shulgin, Alexander
   Silverman, Julian
   Simkin, Anna
   Simkin, James
   Simonton, Carl
   Skinner, B. F.
   Smith, Huston
   Snake, Ruben
   Spiegelberg, Frederic
   Steindl-Rast, Br. David
   Suzuki Roshi, Shunryu
   Swami Satchidananda
   Szasz, Thomas
   Tarnas, Richard
   Tart, Charles
   Tesla, Nikola
   Thompson, William Irwin
   Tiller, William
   Trungpa Rinpoche, Chogyam
   Turner, D. M.
   Turtle, Billy and Wayne
   Van Dusen, Wilson
   Wasson, Gordon
   Watts, Alan
   Weil, Andrew
   Wilson, Colin
   Wilson, Robert Anton
   Worsley, Jack
   Wyer, Loretta
   Wilhelm Reich


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Helen Palmer is a clairvoyant and psychologist who is the director of Workshops in the Oral Tradition, a training center that unites psychological work with the agendas of sacred tradition. She has taught the Enneagram for many years and authored The Enneagram and The Enneagram in Love and Work.
Palmer, Helen
Code Name Price Description  
08601 Palmer, Helen
Introduction To The Enneagram
$11.95 Palmer, author of The Enneagram and The Enneagram of Love and Work, describes the relationship between personality type and higher mental and emotional potentials that develop from the preoccupations of the nine Enneagram types. Palmer presents an introduction to the Enneagram, an ancient system of personality types with roots in centuries-old Sufi traditions. - 1991 Esalen - One Audiotape
08602 Palmer, Helen
Enneagram and Placement Of Attention
$11.95 Palmer discusses the inner placement of attention of the Enneagram, the preoccupation of mind and heart. By following specific placement of attention, we can move from one dimension of experience to another, we can leave our own personality behind and move into the dimensions of the inner life. - 1991 Esalen - One Audiotape
08603 Palmer, Helen
Psychic Aspects Of Intuition
$11.95 Palmer explores the systematic development of intuition and its many advantages for vastly improving contact with other people. The development of intuition thus becomes a staging ground for moving into the many other worlds of experience. - 1991 Esalen - One Audiotape
08604 Palmer, Helen
Advance Intuition Training
$18.95 When you perceive information beyond the boundaries of personal thoughts and emotions, beyond the thinking/feeling life, your intuition is at work. Here Palmer presents her perspective on training for the development of intuition, and teaches the practices that support that frame of mind. - 1991 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
08605 Palmer, Helen, Charles Tart and Arthur Hastings
On Channeling
$56.95 Channeling is now a major phenomenon in our culture - there seem to be some very good things in it, there seems to be a whole lot of crap in it, and by looking at it from a diversity of views we may understand more about how an individual can make better use of channeling, perhaps how as a society we can make better use of it -Charles Tart. The panel, all respected teachers and researchers on the many dimensions of psychic phenomena, are joined by two channelers who present themselves and their beings for questioning. Essential material for anyone interested in the subject. - 1988 Esalen - Six Audiotapes
38605 Palmer, Helen
Psychic Opening
$11.95 Palmer's early experiences with spontaneous clairvoyance, with accounts of the practices that stabilized her access to that state of mind. - 1988 Berkekey, Ca - One Audiotape
38606 Palmer, Helen
Intuition Training
$18.95 This lecture details the placement of intuition; the capacities of the inner observer; and discrimination between projections and accurate intuitive impressions. - 1990 Berkeley, Ca - Two Audiotapes
38607 Palmer, Helen
Intuition In The Clinical Setting
$26.95 Palmer discusses applying the practices of sacred traditions to the therapist's task of forming a reliable intuitive connection with clients. - 1987 San Francisco - Three Audiotapes
38608 Palmer, Helen
3 Gates To Intuition - Head, Belly and Heart
$26.95 The traditional paths of seeing, sensing, and feeling can each provide access to intuitive states. Palmer explores their qualities and looks at ways of discriminating between personal projections and genuine intuitive impressions. - 1988 Orienda, Ca - Three Audiotapes
38609 Palmer, Helen
Enneagram and Strategy For Higher Awareness
$11.95 Palmer places the Enneagram in the context of the two major lines of meditation practice: that which emphasizes emptying the mind and that which emphasizes concentration as a way of accomplishing the same spiritual ends. - 1989 Boston - One Audiotape
38610 Palmer, Helen
Nine Points Of View On Intuition
$11.95 This talk describes internal attention practices that help uncover the intuitive predispositions of the Enneagram personality types. - 1990 Berkeley, Ca - One Audiotape
HP008 Palmer, Helen
Enneagram - Additiction and Recovery (Video)
$50.95 For centuries, the Enneagram was only transmitted through the oral tradition. It was believed that the best way to realize where one fit into the system was through direct experience of the senses, by listening and experiencing people who articulately expressed the qualities of the nine points. Palmer has taught the Enneagram in this manner for many years. The following videos, for this reason, are of particular value for anyone seeking to identify their point in the Enneagram. Nine speakers from the recovery community discuss addiction and the helpfulness of the Enneagram in their own healing. 55 min. - - One VIDEO
HP009 Palmer, Helen
Enneagram and Women On Relationship (Video)
$50.95 Sympathetic and insightful presentations by nine women expressing their individual perspectives on relating, in relationship to their place in the enneagram. 55 min. each. - - One VIDEO
HP010 Palmer, Helen
Enneagram and Men On Relationship (Video)
$50.95 Sympathetic and insightful presentations by nine men expressing their individual perspectives on relating, in relationship to their place in the enneagram. 55 min. each. - - One VIDEO